Gommauto Ambrosiana


Gommauto Ambrosiana S.p.A. provides integrated and customized services for the assistance of tires and is able to promptly resolve critical situations as well as providing routine maintenance.


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Gommauto Ambrosiana S.p.A. collaborates with a dense network of workshops all over the national territory. In this way...


In addition to the assistance provided at its own headquarters, Gommauto Ambrosiana S.p.A. also has a fleet of 18 mobile workshops all equipped with...


3500 square meters of warehouse allows Gommauto Ambrosiana SpA to have 15,000 tires always...


Using innovatives precision systems Gommauto Ambrosiana S.p.A. performs measurements of:

alignment / divergence of the wheels between them;
out of square of the axles with respect to the central line of the frame;
wheel camber / inclination;
incidence of the axial inclination with respect to the inclination of the spindle pin;
spindle pin or KPI;
divergence in steering;
maximum steering.

Performing this type of measurements allows to maintain another degree of vehicle’s performance which involves a reduction in fuel consumption (with a misaligned axles the consumption can increase from 4% to 20%); a reduction in tire wear; the increase in road safety; a better working environment for the driver.


Diagnosis: before starting the diagnosis of the vehicle is essential to check the pressure of the
tires and to perform tests in order to check the state of wear of the pivot pins, bushings, spindles pins, steering unit linkage and rear steering axles.

All the wheels of the vehicle are measured axis by axis without neglecting any axle in just 10 minutes. Once the diagnosis is completed the measurement repor is released.

Replacement of used parts: after the check made before starting the diagnosis in case worn part have been found, all components wich are subject to wear and can compromise the fixing of the axles must be replaced at your trusted mechanical workshop.

Wheel alignment: this intervention requires a time range from one hour up to three hours, depending on the nature of the problems encountered; each intervention lasts about one hour and half on average.